Nov 10, 2009

How to Unite and Conquer: Go ahead and vote with your money

I definitely believe in clean elections, but I think that as consumers, we can cast a vote with every dollar we spend.

Ben Jelen, a musician and friend of the earth, talks about sending companies a message about how they treat the environment with your money. If you feel strongly about an issue, whether it be gay marriage, health insurance reform or eco-consciousness, cast your vote via your purchases.

Find out what companies support the same issues as you and start to support them. If we all united together on these fronts, we would start sending an extremely strong message to companies about their practices, either forcing them to change their ways or deal with the consequences.


  1. here's a buyer's guide for the human rights campaign:

  2. In principle I agree with you, but until more people feel the same way I doubt if most corporations will even notice.

    I feel strongly about labor issues, for example, so I join with a lot of others in boycotting Wal-Mart. However Wal-Mart just reported that their sales are robust, even during the recession. I will continue to not shop there but I'm realistic enough to know that they won't notice.

  3. Why aren't you concerned about the takeover of Federal Property by the drug cartels from the Mexican Boarder to Highway 8 in Arizona?